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    Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


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    fibromyalgia What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ?

    Chronic fatigue  syndrome is a complex and debilitating chronic illness that affects the brain and multiple body systems.

    It was revealed at the Third International Clinical and Scientific Meeting in Sydney, Australia, in December 2001 that most patients with CFS have sleep disorders with alpha wave intrusion into delta wave sleep

    It is delta wave sleep that is the "deepest" stage of sleep and the most restorative. It is delta sleep that a sleep-deprived person's brain craves the first and foremost. 

     Delta waves occur naturally for most individuals in the first stage of deep (Stage IV) sleep before the first dream period of the night. Its absence during this time is associated with suppression of growth hormone and is implicated in the development of CFS and Fibromyalgia

    With the correct restoration of delta phase sleep it is considered likely that some  of the symptoms of CFS can be reversed

    chronic fatigue syndromeHow Does Our Product Work ? 

     Using brainwave technology we are able to change the electrical activity in the brain and induce the correct delta frequencies and diminish the interfering alpha frequency incursions 

    The program works in 2 distinct phases. 

    Phase 1 - Night Time

    The first phase directly addresses the issue of reaching the delta state early in your sleep cycle. It encourages this deep level of sleep in a gentle manner and allows the process of recovery and repair to begin. The program is 70 minutes long and should be listened to, in its entirety, when going to sleep.

    Phase 2 - Day Time

    The second phase allows access to delta frequency induction during the day. This will have 2 benefits. It will speed up the healing process and will improve the chances of entering delta sleep when the night time program is used. The program is 70 minutes long and can be used at any time in the day. It is best to listen to the whole 70 minutes but you will still benefit from shorter use.


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